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What to do when your Husband* hates Disney. (*insert appropriate noun here)

When your person strongly dislikes the place you sincerely adore, how do you manage?

By Heather Malo

Maybe hate is a too strong of a word.

But let me tell ya, my husband is NOT into Disney.

Like, at all.

He doesn’t like the crowds. Doesn’t like how hot it is. We don’t have small children whose smiles make it all worth it. (I asked him about my smile making it worth it and he gave a me a look that could freeze coffee).

But he’s a good husband.So, he’ll pack his bag and join me, albeit begrudgingly.

Here’s the thing: I want him to enjoy our vacations too. Travel is expensive and precious. We don’t have months of vacation time each year, so it’s important these trips really count for something.

But what do you do when your person strongly dislikes the place you sincerely adore?

If you’re in my boat (and I think there are quite a few of us) here’s what I suggest to make things more bearable.

Accept it.

The point is, it’s pointless (not to mention frustrating) to spend hours trying to convince your person how amazing Walt Disney World is and how much they’ll love it when they get there. Disney is your thing, not theirs, so don’t try to convince them otherwise. Accept you have a difference of interests and be grateful they want to go to Disney World, not for Disney, but to be with you.

One night, my husband and I were sitting on the couch and I was reading through different things for our next trip to Disney. I looked at him and said “I wish you liked Disney the way I do. “

He smiled at me and took my hand and said, “I know, love.”

And that was enough.

He understands the gap between us in this instance and he’s ok with it. So, I am too.

Get them involved.

You’re going to have to plan this trip a little differently than you would other vacations. You’ll need to think beyond Fast Passes and park itineraries and figure a way to get your person involved.

What do they like to do? Are they a golfer? A roller coaster aficionado? Star Wars addict? Gardener?

Animal lover?

My husband’s a foodie. That’s his favorite part of every vacation. He wants to eat great food at amazing restaurants. And on the way home, he’ll inevitably ask me: So, what was your favorite meal this trip?

There are over 200 dining establishments at Walt Disney World, so I’m giving the hubs complete control over our dining experiences. Whatever and wherever he wants: table service, snacks, the whole thing.

If your person is super into Star Wars – go all in! Make reservations to build a light saber and a droid, have lunch at Oga’s and make sure you get a Fast Pass for Smugglers Run. Get up early, without complaint, to get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. Make that day, that experience, their day. Don’t rush them and don’t grumble.

Remember, they’re at Walt Disney World because you wanted to come.

Play fair and share

Disney is a big trip. Because of that, us Disney lovers should be willing to reciprocate for the next vacation.

It could be fishing with an outfitter in Montana or a theater trip to New York City. And while those may not be your ideal vacations that’s OK. Disney isn’t theirs.

Set up a Pinterest board for their vacation. Have them start reading about things to do, places to see and food to eat. It may make things a little easier when there’s something on the horizon centric to their likes.

All relationships, no matter how they’re defined, require compromise. Trips to Disney World are no different, so long as you remember your dissimilarities as a couple are not insurmountable and that there’s another vacation right around the corner.

If you need help figuring out how to get your non-Disney person involved, get in touch with me at or fill out this form for a free Disney World vacation quote.

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