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The Power of Travel and Friendship or Travel at Disney during Coronavirus

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When was the last time you felt like a kid?

I mean that free of obligations, lightness of heart, bounce to your step, giggling with your friend kind of feeling? It’s probably been a while. Pre Covid, if I had to guess. Heck, pre husband, kids, and work, for sure. 😊 As moms, dads, and grandparents, we shoulder the many responsibilities of work, school and family.

Wouldn’t it be great to let all that go for a bit?

That’s exactly what I did last weekend.

For 4 days, I was immersed in Disney World. I giggled, rode rides, slept, ate whatever I wanted, swam in the pool, soaked in the hot tub, met new friends, danced in street, played in the rain, sang…. and generally acted like an 8-year-old girl.

Fun? Yes!

Silly for a 50-year-old woman? Yes!

Therapeutic? Most definitely!

My travel companion this trip was my friend Dawn. We’ve been going to Disney every September for an “adults only” weekend for 10 years. When we started this tradition, our children were small, and the trip was about the escapism Disney provided.

These days, it’s about friendship, laughter, love and bonding. Not to mention a little introspection and discovery of self.

On this trip, I realized that travel provides the opportunity to see the world through different eyes and time away allows us to discover things about ourselves we might not know.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, that’s powerful.

You simply cannot put a price tag on the benefits of travel.

On the more practical side, Disney is handling coronavirus beautifully.

EVERYONE must wear a mask.


When I planned this trip 4 months ago frankly, I was worried about a lot of things. The mask was a big one. But I shouldn’t have been so concerned - the benefits of being at Disney FAR outweigh the mask wearing. Honestly, I forgot I had one on most of the time. Plus, the mask designs they have in the parks are too darn cute!!

**PRO TIP- bring gum. After wearing a mask for a few hours, your breath may not be the freshest. Disney doesn’t sell it anymore. Neither does the Orlando Airport. They got tired of cleaning it up! So, you’ll have to pack your own.

Social distancing was a huge part of the experience. Every queue had markers to stand and wait on and every guest respected those perimeters. If they didn’t, a cast member was there to make sure they did!

For now, the parks and resorts are at low capacity which makes social distancing much easier. The overall experience was low key and enjoyable in a way I haven’t experienced in years.

Hand sanitizing and washing stations are all around the Disney parks too. You’ll want to bring your own sanitizer of course but, it’s there if you need it. Rides are intermittently closing and being cleaned and there are cleaning crews EVERYWHERE wiping down tables, benches, bathrooms, railings and even lampposts! If a guest can touch it, it’s being cleaned. I’ve heard many people say they feel Disney is probably cleaner than going to their local grocery store. After my visit last week, I agree. Their attention to detailed cleaning is amazing.

Disney World has always provided unparalleled customer service. During Covid-19, it seems to be shining through even more. I teared up when entering Hollywood Studios when a cast member looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you for being here.” I could tell she was truly happy to be back in her job and the warmth she invoked in me was customer service at its best.

While many things have changed due to coronavirus, there were a lot of magical moments on our trip. We saw Mickey and Minnie, over a dozen Disney Princesses, ate at new restaurants (Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s NEW Riviera Resort was delicious), rode the Skyliner gondolas, tried different foods at a Taste of Epcot Food and Wine Festival, saw giraffes from our Savannah view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge and made a droid at the Droid Depot in Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge. (Her name is Orangina and Dawn is the proud parent. You can see her make her droid on my Instagram IGTV).

Here’s the takeaway: If you’re ready for a vacation and would like a trip with low crowds, that feels safe, has great customer service and makes you feel joy like a kid again, Disney World is for you! We had such a lovely time.

Oh, did I mention savings? There are several promotions Disney is offering now-December 25th. Some are up to 30% off. That’s REAL, legit savings.

Did you know studies show that planning a vacation is 50% of the fun? Give us a call, we’ll talk😊

If you are interested in planning a vacation, contact us HERE .

Thanks for reading!


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