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Wow, what a wild ride the last four years have been! Thank you for being a part of the Let’s Talk Travel family. We’ve had a wonderful time helping you plan, dream and explore this beautiful world.

Travel is back and we’re ready to help you find the perfect destination, sunset, family trip or "me" time vacation.

Whether you’re considering a trip to Disney, Universal, the Caribbean, across the US or a local trip in your state, I would recommend you make your plans sooner rather than later. We all know there’s pent-up demand for travel and if our agency is any indication, folks are serious about booking vacations again! When people begin to book, accommodations and flights get full and prices go up.

You may not be planning to travel in the next month or two but, if you have ideas about vacation six months or even a year from now, we’re encouraging everyone to go ahead and book that trip. Now is the time to start thinking about your plans and making deposits. The nice news is, due to coronavirus, many destinations are offering extremely flexible cancelation policies.

So, where are Americans traveling right now? This year, Let’s Talk Travel has planned trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Disney, Universal, and a just completed spring break trip out West on a music tour bus with a private driver. (Sleeps 12, by the way.) Private tours are available for your immediate or extended family to Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Egypt and Peru. This is a great alternative for families who want a guided tour with the safety and security of traveling with your relatives.

Personally, I’ll be back in Disney and Universal in 10 days, at the beach in June and Costa Rica or a Hawaiian vacation is not off the table for our family later this year.

If you’re interested in any of the above destinations or want to “talk travel” for 2021, please let us know, our agents look forward to helping you.

Here’s our vacation form to get started today-

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