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Park Pass Reservations

What they are, why we have them and how to deal with them

By Heather Malo

If you’ve considered a Disney World trip lately, you’ve likely encountered Park Pass Reservations… and if you haven’t heard of Park Passes, then we need to talk.


Park Passes arrived when Walt Disney World re-opened during an uncertain time of the Pandemic. Initially, it was a way for Disney to keep track of how many people were going to which parks, on what days.

You see, it was no longer (and still isn’t) enough to have a ticket to gain access to Disney World. After you purchase your ticket, you need to make a reservation to gain admittance to the parks. There are three separate “buckets” of reservations: Annual Pass Holders, Resort Guests and Day ticket guests.


Depending on which type of ticket you had (Annual, Package or Day ticket) you log on to My Disney Experience and choose what day you want to go to what park.

In essence: Disney needed a way to count heads in order to meet those occupancy caps, so they came up with the Park Pass system.


Annual Pass holders are only allowed to make three Park Pass reservations at a time. Unless they are staying on property at a Disney resort. Resort guests are not guaranteed a Park Pass even though they have purchased a package with tickets…. And day ticket holders well, they have to race the thousands of other day ticket holders to get those Park Passes.

It's a bit complicated, right?


The key thing to remember here is that once we have booked your package and you’ve made your deposit…. You need to make your Park Pass reservations immediately. I don’t mean within a few days or a week… I mean, right away. Like, as soon as you get off the phone with us, we’re emailing you instructions on how to make your Park Pass Reservations.


Finally, as your travel agent, we can help you pick hotels and make dining reservations, give you ideas on what to do and where to go and how to get there but, we are not, for legal reasons, allowed to make your Park Pass reservations. We’ll walk you though it, even stay on the phone with you to help should you encounter any issues but, this is the one thing we cannot do on your behalf.

We’ve heard countless tales of families who've planned elaborate family vacations, travelled from far away and arrived at the gates of Magic Kingdom.... only to be denied entrance because they didn’t have a Park Pass reservation. It’s heartbreaking to read about these stories.

To put even more pressure on the situation, Park Pass reservations are flying off the shelves like the hottest holiday gift. At the time of this writing, parks are reaching current capacity into late June and all four parks are hitting capacity on a regular basis. So making those Park Pass reservations is crucial.


This is why we recommend using a Disney Travel Agent. There are so many ins and outs to a Disney World vacation... especially at this time we are in. We want is to make certain you guys get what you want. And (at least for me) we all kind of plan vicariously through you guys!

We all so thoroughly enjoy planning Disney vacations… so let us help you make yours. 😊

Questions? Need help planning your next Disney vacation? Check out our previous blog posts on or fill out our Trip Request form and one of our wonderful agents will be in touch! We’re here and ready to help you plan!

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