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Food Allergies at Walt Disney World

No, you won’t have to eat protein bars and salads all week.


I’m a high maintenance foodie with a food allergy. (Waiving from the back row with a sheepish grin).

Food allergies can and do complicate many of our daily lives. But at home, it’s easier to manage.

When you’re on vacation… weeeeeeeeeell, that’s another thing.

Speaking from oodles of experience, there is nothing worse than going on a great vacation and being subjected to meal after meal of plain grilled chicken over salad.

It stinks.

So going someplace like Disney World, can be daunting.

The good news is that Disney gets the allergy thing. They’re full-on ready to help with eliminating wheat and dairy and egg and peanut and… (insert your poison here. Literally.) Just because you have an allergy, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy dining and snacking the way the rest of your family does.

And Disney knows that.

Virtually every restaurant at Disney World has something to offer for the allergy prone, so you don’t need to worry about your next trip. You just need to plan ahead… and here’s how:

1. Speak with your travel agent!

Not only can we make sure your allergies are noted on your reservation, we often have a little extra insider knowledge on some things to help you. For example: Did you know that right now, all quick service restaurants throughout Walt Disney World Resort require mobile ordering to ensure proper physical distancing? However, if you have allergies and are worried about placing your order, you can speak with a cast member at the establishment and place your parties’ order in person.

2. Check out menus online.

Disney now lists menus for all their establishments via the My Disney Experience app. Many restaurants are running limited menus, so this is additionally handy when trying to decide where you want to eat.

3. Download sensitivity specific apps.

There are apps available for specific food sensitivities and dietary preferences that can help you locate dining options specializing in your dietary needs or choices. Several apps even allow for customer reviews… which allows you to hear things straight from other patrons like you!

4. Look for Allergen specific groups on social media.

Isn’t it reassuring to know we can find our people? There are all sorts of groups for Walt Disney World, with targeted specifics like gluten or dairy allergies, vegans and vegetarians, even folks who are looking for the perfect Disney Cocktail! These groups cater to like-minded individuals and you can benefit from their previous trips and knowledge.

5. For the best results… try table service dining.

While quick service locations will typically have options for those with special dietary needs, it’s the table service establishments where you’ll find the deep well of dining variety. Not all table service locations are $$$$$ eateries either. There are plenty of options for the pocketbook too… so keep an open mind and put your feet up at one of the many wonderful table service restaurants located in the parks and resorts.

We want you to have the best time on your vacation and that includes all the good dining and snacks! So give some of these tips a closer look. We promise, you won’t feel like a second-class foodie with limited options and you’ll only be ordering salad if you want to!

Questions? Need help planning your next Disney vacation? Check out our previous blog posts on or fill out our Trip Request form and one of our wonderful agents will be in touch! We’re here and ready to help you plan!

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